Let’s come together on Oct 25th to drive cross-industry discussion on "Safe AI" and enable an autonomous tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have taken off in recent years, and have advanced to the point where they are beginning to become integrated into our daily lives. However, one area of AI/ML that is still in its infant stages and warrants much needed attention is "Safe Autonomy". Safety in AI-based systems is critical and undoubtedly one of the most difficult challenges to solve. At PRECISE's 6th Annual Industry Day Conference, experts from both industry and academia will gather to present about and discuss this topic in depth, across various industries (automotive, medical, etc.). You will learn about the latest advancements in the field of "Safe AI", and have the unique opportunity to network with subject matter experts to share information and be part of a movement that is taking AI to the next level in its evolution.

Our speakers, who are leaders in their field, will attempt to address critical questions such as:

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We look forward to seeing you here in Philadelphia, at the University of Pennsylvania, to be a part of this very special event!



Inventor, Leader, and Visionary in Machine Programming

Justin Gottschlich is a prominent figure in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). His research in AI focuses on deep learning, genetic algorithms, anomaly detection, ML verification, and autonomous systems. Currently, Gottschlich leads the machine programming (MP) research and vision across Intel. He also leads and co-founded the $6M Intel-NSF joint CAPA Research Center, which aims to simplify the programmability of heterogeneous computing. He has 30+ peer-reviewed publications and 30 issued patents, with ~80 patent applications pending, mostly in the space of ML and MP.


"Machine Programming: The Future of Autonomy"

Gottschlich as a major influencer in the field of safe autonomy, thanks to his groundbreaking work in advancing the unification of academia and industry to collectively solve some of the most challenging technical issues facing the world today.




To protect speakers’ privacy and to ensure that they can speak freely with the audience, presentations will not be recorded nor posted publicly. Recordings in any form (e.g., photos of slides, audio or video recordings) are strictly prohibited. The Keynote address, however, will be made available to the public exclusively by PRECISE and the University of Pennsylvania.

  8:00 AM

Breakfast and Registration

  8:30 AM


Dean Vijay Kumar
(Penn Engineering)

  8:40 AM

PRECISE Overview

Insup Lee (PRECISE)

  8:50 AM

PRECISE Outreach

James Weimer (PRECISE)

  9:00 AM

"Building an AI Engine for Time Series Data Analytics"

Jian Chang
Sanjian Chen

  9:20 AM

"Computer-Aided Design for Building Safe Autonomous Systems"

Rahul Mangharam (PRECISE)

  9:30 AM

"An Open, Transparent, Industry-Driven Approach to AV Safety"

Jack Weast

  9:45 AM

"Automated Driving at Daimler Trucks"

Christina Werner

10:00 AM

"Safe Autonomy in the Wild"

George Pappas (PRECISE)

10:10 AM

"Autonomous Systems in the Aerospace and Defense Sector"

Robie I. Samanta Roy

  10:25 AM


10:40 AM

PRECISE Students: 2-Minute Madness

11:45 PM

Lunch / Poster Session

  1:30 PM

Keynote: "Machine Programming: The Future of Autonomy"

Justin Gottschlich

  2:30 AM


  2:45 PM

"Reliable and Secure Infrastructure for Autonomous Systems"

Linh Thi Xuan Phan (PRECISE)

  2:55 PM

"Velodyne's Next Generation of Sensors & True Autonomy"

Anand Gopalan

  3:10 PM

"Code Generation & Flexible Deployment for Runtime Monitoring"

Oleg Sokolsky (PRECISE)

  3:20 PM

"Approach to Autonomy and AI Development at the Air Force Research Lab"

Jean-Charles Ledé

  3:35 PM

"Feedback-Driven Processes"

Joe Devietti (PRECISE)

  3:45 PM

"Improving Productivity and Performance for Writing ML Models"

Vinod Grover

  4:00 PM

"Syntax-Guided Synthesis"

Rajeev Alur (PRECISE)

  4:10 PM

"Reasoning about Security of Amazon Web Services"

Byron Cook

  4:25 PM

"Continuous Static Analysis: Stopping the Next Security Vulnerability in its Tracks"

Mayur Naik (PRECISE)

  4:35 AM


  4:50 PM

"Bridging the commercialization gap between Safe AI technology solutions and End-Users for Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)"

Aiman Abdel-Malek
Sandhya S. Pillalamarri

  5:10 PM

"It Works, But Is It Safe? — Verifying Autonomy in Healthcare and Autonomobiles"

James Weimer (PRECISE)

  5:20 PM

"Verification and Validation Issues in Machine-Learning and Control"

Rance Cleaveland

  5:35 PM

"Safe Vision-Based Control"

Nikolai Matni (PRECISE)

  5:45 PM

"LG's Open Source Autonomous Driving Simulator"

Steve Lemke

  6:00 PM

"Fail-Safe Architectures for Autonomous Guided Vehicles"

Justinian Rosca

  6:15 PM

"Safety Certification and Shielding for Learning-Based Control"

Osbert Bastani (PRECISE)

  6:25 PM

"Ready, Fire, Aim! AI for Safety-Critical Systems"

Darren Cofer

  6:40 PM

"Trustworthy Autonomous Systems"

Mauricio Castillo-Effen

  6:55 PM


  7:00 PM




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Other hotels near the venue:

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Wai-Ping "Liz" Ng

Assistant Director, PRECISE
Associate Director, Embedded Systems MSE
University of Pennsylvania
wng@cis.upenn.edu | Office: (215) 898-8543

Wai-Ping "Liz" Ng

Assistant Director, PRECISE
Associate Director, Embedded Systems MSE
University of Pennsylvania
wng@cis.upenn.edu | Office: (215) 898-8543






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PRECISE Industry Day


PRECISE Industry Day


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